We understand that every business is unique, therefore we believe that every business should have a bespoke PPC Marketing strategy to maximise website traffic, conversions and return on investment (ROI). Therefore we always begin by getting to know your business and products or service before devising your custom strategy using a variety of PPC Marketing, such as Paid Search, Product Listing Ads and Display Ads.

Product Listing Ads

Shopping Ads or Product Listing Ads (PLAs) advertise the products that you sell on Seach Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This is the most powerful way for online retailers to showcase products with Google and Bing.

Shopping Campaigns allow you to advertise your products rather than your company or services, unlike Paid Search. PLAs significantly heighten your click-through-rate compared to Paid Search. However, PLAs require expert strategies and techniques to ensure that each click converts.

As with Paid Search, data analysis is still the backbone of creating successful PLAs. With our advanced techniques and data attribution models, we are able to monitor, analyse and create Shopping Ads that increase your website traffic at a low pay-per-click rate for consumers in the research phase. This PLA model helps to increase your online presence with minimal cost and helps us to create campaigns with a high conversion rate using specific search terms that convert.

On average our clients experience significantly higher click-through rates on product listing ads compared to paid search text ads, which are shown on the same search engine results page, conversion rates are also typically higher. It’s also possible for us to increase traffic using promotions on your product listing ads, giving you prominence over your competitors. PLAs can appear on a search results page alongside a text ad from the same site. It’s also possible to show up to eight product listing ads for one site at the same time to maximise your brand exposure PLAs are so successful that most searches relating to products have PLAs on search engine results pages, reducing the amount of space available for paid search text ads, which makes it much harder for e-commerce websites to compete using text ads alone.

As with Paid Search, we monitor the performance of each Product Listing Ad. Unfortunately, the most common reason for a PLAs not converting is pricing. The online market is incredibly competitive with pricing. Therefore we encourage you to monitor your pricing or employ our price matching service to stay ahead of the game.