I Post, Therfore I am.

Social Media makes a massive impact on consumers every moment of every day. Even the anti-social-media consumers are still influenced by their friends or family without them even knowing. Social Media is one of the biggest advertising platforms on the internet and one of the cheapest to use.

While there are paid social media options available, we encourage the natural, organic methods of Social Media Marketing. Our team of millennial, veteran and SEO experts create social campaigns that seamlessly integrate into your businesses target audience without them even realising. Social media advertising without the ‘Ads’ and without the ‘influencers’.

A recent study has proven that social meda users automatically flick past adverts appearing on their ‘timeline’. So with our in depth research on social keyword and audience targeting, your business posts will appear organically and naturally, as social media should.

As with all of our services, this will be entirely tailored to your business objectives, goals and the reach of our social media campaigns will target your specific demographics and their immediate circles (the new word of mouth).

Due to the constantly changing landscape of social media, which flips with a single #hashtag post in the middle of the night, we promise to update and/or remove any posts that suddenly become controversial or innapropriate. Saving your business from getting caught up in a propoganda movement.